Philosophical Symbol

This is he Greek philosophical symbol, Phi. The left one is the uppercase whereas the right one is the lowercase. Just like the ying yang symbol, it is a representation of balance. This symbol denotes the golden ratio, which is a mathematical and arts thing where “the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of  larger quantity to the smaller one.” (Wikipedia). Artists and architects of the Renaissance period would perfect their work to the golden ratio as symmetry is pleasing to the eye.



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Official Distribution Poster


It’s a visual of a bird’s eye view of Sydney, and the plants are up in the sky. The colour emphasises the greenspace, and it’s like the plants are floating in the sky. In a way it is because the seeds are placed inside the balloons. It is a simple image that we believe is effective and conveys the message we want to convey.

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Chosen Awkward Turtle logo

We wanted something fun yet slightly sophisticated. There was side views of the logo as well, but we decided to go for s bird’s eye view of our logo. We tried out a few shell designs, and went with this one that has a swirl on it because it’s unusual, but fun and probably slightly elegant, which is how we want others to perceive us. We didn’t want anything too silly because it was overdone and could easily look tacky.

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Sound symbol

Our task was to design one symbol that represents sound.

Though I wasn’t allowed to incorporate anything musical into it, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander over to music symbols. Which leads to my next train of thought- there are two types of lengths in the world, short and long, which makes me think of Morse Codes because they used dots and dashes to communicate. Therefore, I used a dash to indicate a long sound and dots to indicate short sounds. I have made them go together because sounds unite people in a way, if the world was totally silent, I feel like everyone would be reluctant to communicate.

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Our task was to do a poster.

I tried to send the message across in the most simplistic way possible- hierarchy of text. I emphasised the words “world” and “us” and “providing” because I thought those three words were strong. I am basically telling the audience that a better environment benefits everyone. No catches, no down-sides, no nothing.

Looking at the poster numerous times, I suppose in some way it does have a “take it or leave it” tone. I don’t know if that is appropriate for the tone/message me and my group want to give. It’s possible that my poster doesn’t work because it’s just too simple and too plain. However, this poster will catch my sight if I walk down the street because of all the white space and the short sentence which is being typed in a big font- and it’s natural for everyone to just read it, no matter where they are going.

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Official symbol

This is the chosen official logo for Barangaroo. It was our group’s symbol. We all agreed it conveyed the message of green space well through the use of colour and the shape of a leaf and the white flicks that resemble air.

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Pixel portraits

From left to right: Lulu, Nigel, Desiree, Phil and Neil.

For homework, we had to do 5 pixel portraits of Billy Blue staff members/lecturers. I found this task to be quite tedious and boring and sometimes frustrating, however, I was quite content with the result. I think I did an especially good job on Phil and Nigel.

I think the point of this homework was to find a way and style to draw the lecturer as a designer. For me, I did it in a cartoony style rather than realistic because I thought it was more fun and interesting to see how I saw my lecturers.

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Symbol that has lost importance

Rosary Beads

A popular Catholic symbol and sacred object for prayers that consist of the Lord’s Prayer and “Hail Mary” prayers. It is strictly only for Catholics.

Nowadays, some people wear rosary beads for fashion which is very offensive for Catholics.

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“Lights on nobody’s home”.

We’ve learned that an arebus is a pictorial thingy where you pronouce the word by the sound and not the actual image. Most of the students did that, if not all.

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Concept logos

Me and my group gathered all the logos we have done.

In the end, we chose the leaf one on the top right hand corner. We believe it’s stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing, and it’s simple. The idea is centralised around ‘quality of life’, which means more green space equals more air.

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